Quarterly Intentions - Q1 2015

I started this site 3 months ago and I'm pretty happy with how it's going so far. I have kept up with my goal of a daily RSS-friendly news summary. I have published 2 reviews so far which is less than I had hoped but I have a third coming very soon. I had the intention to cover more live events like the Indiecade summary I wrote but after attending a Giant Robot Game Night, I didn't end up writing about it. 

So all and all a mixed bag. Certainly there are areas that could be improved but I'm happy to have kept up with my news goal, which I figured would be the most challenging. I started posting links to the posts on twitter with related hashtags which has improved daily views and I have a few new repeat visitors. 

For the next quarter my goals are two. One to continue and improve on the goals I set out to achieve in the beginning. Write more reviews, continue to improve in my critical writing; cover more events as I have the opportunity to and finally to continue offering a quick RSS-friendly news post.

My second goal is a bit loftier. Starting next Monday I will be launching TWO new podcasts. One of them,Complex Computer Daily, will be an audio version of my daily news post. I am still feeling out the format of this show but it should offer a quick summary of the same stories in the post along with a little news commentary which has been mostly absent from the site as of now. My hope is to have this podcast posted by noon PST everyday for all my lunch break buddies. The second show, The Complex Computer Weekly Revue, will be a longer show released on the weekend featuring different guests, a mix of recently played games talk, interview, meta site commentary and listener Q&A. 

I have a feeling the daily podcast will increase traffic to the site because there really aren't any other daily gaming podcasts. I'll have a post ready on Monday explaining the feeds. Should be a lot of fun! Happy New Year!