Daily - 01/06/15

Razer is making an Android based set top box that looks a lot like an Amazon Fire TV. The interesting difference, is that because its gaming centric, the Razer Forge TV will let you stream games from your pc to the box where you can play them with a controller, a problem steam has been working on with its streaming client. Alongside this box they are releasing an Xbox 360 like bluetooth controller and The Turret lapboard. The Turret is a keyboard and mouse combination device that lets you get that more PC like experience on the couch.

Source: The Verge


Certain Club Nintendo Fans in Europe have been offered the chance to purchase the new 3DS early. The eligibility qualifications for the New 3DS Ambassador program are unknown beyond that you must be a club Nintendo member. The unique new 3DS offered has a white cover with Nintendo etched into the faceplate. If you are chosen the system can be purchased for 180 pounds in the UK.

Source: Gamespot

Playstation 4 sales reach 18.5 Million units sold Worldwide, 4.1 million of those came from holiday shopping.  Also, 81.8 million PS4 games have been sold since launch and there are 10.9 million PS Plus subscribers. Sony also announced that Playstation Vue, their broadcast TV streaming service would be arriving in early 2015.

Source: Polygon 

Internet Archive added close to 2400 DOS games you can play in your browser. Some inclusions are Commander Keen, Wasteland and Wolfenstein 3D.

Source: The Verge