Daily - 03/19/15

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Kojima is leaving Konami and The Phantom Pain will be his last Metal Gear game.

Source: Polygon

Gabe Newell spoke on the possibility of more Half Life and Valve's future game development.

Source: Polygon

An eight year old Xbox 360 class action lawsuit has been resurrected. 

Source: Gamasutra

Star Wars Battlefront, the Star Wars Battlefield game, is set to debut in April at a Star Wars fan convention.

Source: Polygon

New Evolve characters, maps and more are coming, starting March 31st.

Source: Gamespot

The new hero, Sylvanas, and the new battleground, The Tomb of the Spider Queen, will be available next week in Heroes of the Storm.

Source: Heroes Nexus

The Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Pack is going to be released May 22nd for $30. 

Source: IGN

Farming Simulator is coming to PS4 and Xbox One May 19th.

Source: Gamespot