Monthly Review - January 2016

Hey there, I hope you didn't forget about me! Although the podcast is on hiatus, I would like to continue using this blog in some capacity and while I'm not super interested in doing full reviews for games I am playing, I think this format should fit the bill. It's kind of a recap of the games I've finished this month with a couple thoughts. These impressions may contain spoilers so if that's a thing you care about a) you're dumb and b) you're warned.


Life is Strange - Completed 1/17

I really enjoyed the time travel story of this game, would like to revisit the last episode again at some point and see how the other ending plays out. I kind of saw where the story was going by episode two but the journey through was well worth the time. Only once in the story did dialogue feel like a tangent was tacked on to the end of something seemingly unrelated to customize it to my choices, the game had a really nice flow otherwise.

Gravity Bone & Thirty Flights of Loving - Completed 1/17

Both short FPS experiences that play out a spy heist story using interesting film style jump cuts and computer controlled camera movements not normally seen in games, especially FPS games where they can feel super jarring. 

Emily is Away - Completed 1/17

Short conversational game based on AIM in the early 2000s. Kinda sad but a nice experience that felt a lot like some of my middle school and high school communications. I really loved the ending where if the direct questioning answer was chosen, the player's character would second guess the decision.

Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist - Completed 1/20

A short first person experience with the clever premise of the player having to trigger all the interactions backstage for a player who is actually playing through the scenario. It's by the designer of The Stanley Parable and shares some similar humor, narrative and design decisions. I took the time to complete the achievements for this one to see all the weird stuff that was included, the optional cassette tapes are very strange.


I'm currently playing through The Witness. I figure I'm about 50% through. It's been a really challenging but rewarding experience and I think it teaches the player better than maybe any other game I've played. (Might be an overstatement but I've been thinking about it a ton while playing.) I've also been recently messing with the new StarCraft 2 co-op mode, which is pretty fun. The mode is a set of co-op PVE missions where players get WarCraft 3 style hero characters or crazy additional powers to go along with their armies. It's a lot lower stress than normal StarCraft multiplayer. Also, it sounds like it's going to be updated with more missions and commanders going forward, so that's pretty cool. Lastly, I'm still playing Heroes of the Storm regularly. It's pretty much my go to game to just jump on with friends and play. 

I've made a list of backlog games I intend to play along with the approximate time required to complete them, so expect another one of these posts next month with one or two longer games, probably The Witness and Firewatch if I had to guess, and a couple shorter ones. Until then, <3.