You can subscribe to Complex Computer using an RSS reader. RSS, Really Simple Syndication, is a web format used to power and publish blog posts, news headlines, audio or video feeds. An RSS reader can be useful to you because many sites you check on a regular basis can be brought together in an easy to digest format. It's kind of like running your own Twitter or Facebook with only the things you want to see. 

There are many RSS readers available. A good free web version is Feedly, which also has mobile apps. The one I use is Feedbin, which you have to pay a small amount of money for monthly. I use Feedbin because it very closely mirrors the functionality of the now defunct Google Reader, which got me into RSS in the first place. There are mobile apps that tie into these services or work on their own, my favorite being Reeder for iOS. Another option is an app like Flipboard, which works using RSS but it takes care of the technical subscribing to feeds and you end up with a magazine like experience. 

I value RSS because I can get many authors or publishers voices in one easy to check feed. It used to be even more valuable to me on my public transit commute because many RSS readers will sync for offline usage and cell reception was pretty bad in San Francisco. Complex Computer will never truncate it's feed, the full feed will always be available because I value the RSS experience and want to contribute to what I would consider a seemingly magic experience.

You can subscribe on some services just by pasting the url of the home page, if that doesn't work use the direct link below.

Complex Computer Full RSS Feed